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Two Super Sundays

Sunday #1: November 13th and the Crossasaurus Awesome.  

All went well.  I raced the Elites and was top step.

“Raced” the SingleSpeed category.  Finished with a big smile.

Singlespeed smiles all around.

Mustachio Bashio Contest was fun and we were able to give money toward a good cause.

Without my teammates, who do a TON of work, and our generous sponsors the day would never have happened.  Thanks y’all!

Sunday #2: November 21 and the “experience culture” day.

Early morning: Gabe and I road a three hour hilly loop, sprinkled with gravel/dirt roads.

Cannondale Money shot.

Early afternoon: My niece, scholarship vocalist at Temple, was in an Opera!  I’m so lucky to have such a cool niece.

Evening: I went to see Red Fang, Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon at the Trocadero.  I may be biased but Red Fang was the best of all three.

Was able to talk briefly with the bassist/singer Aaron Beam and the guitarist David Sullivan.  I’m pretty sure I scared them as I uttered words like “transcend” and showed them pictures they took with me from Oregon.  They were still cool and posed for another photo.  Brave men indeed.

Home in bed by Midnight.

Two great Sundays.

Keep on keeping on – Geronimo