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Are you rotting?

Don’t believe the media’s attempt to paralyze us with fear.  They are trying to trick us into becoming glued to every weather update.  Stop rotting away on the couch.  Here’s a newsflash: It’s winter, it’s cold and yes it will snow.  Choose an activity, dress appropriately, go outside and play.

Well, I did find one thought and emotion provoking news piece about Snowmageddon.

20 rebels for the Java’s Ride today.  Solid.

Java’s Brewin Bicycle Parking.

Former Cat 3 Winner of Pottstown Criterium Podiums at San Luis

Must’ve been the those French Creek, White Clay or Victory MTB rides or maybe it was winning the first Derby of 2011?  More likely it was all the dang intervals and hours he was logging solo.  Solid.



The UCI is behaving strangely

Tonight I’ve changed the title and body of this post a few times.  I guess I’m having difficulty finding the right words to explain my thoughts on the UCI’s latest idea.   The more I read related posts about this story the more I think of an old saying:  “No need to prove a fool stupid.  They will do it on their own.”