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Team Tania

I’m participating in the 10 year anniversary of TeamTania this weekend.  Tania is my brothers wife.  He and some friends started TeamTania 10 years ago and it was six of us on that inaugural year.

Today Team Tania is over 400 members and largest friends/family team in the country.  Any donations you can make toward my efforts and the work of the MS society will be greatly appreciated.

Donate by clicking here.

I will also be donating much of my personal and purposefully unused Rite Aid Pro Cycling team issue clothing as a raffle to Team Tania members over the weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support.


Reminds me of a Clint Eastwood Western

I thought this was cool.

Snake goes to MotoGP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the Snake scored some tickets to the inaugural round of MotoGP at Indy.  Lucky bum!!!  Too bad the weather was terrible.  I’m still jealous.  He took some neat pics though.


Click here and gain knowledge.

Univest is still a great race

Even though Univest didn’t go the way I envisioned I still believe it is one of the best weekends of racing.  Every year this race has incrementally gotten better.

Jason Baer asked me at the start Saturday if I’ve done all of them, heck he’s probably done just as many, and I believe the count is officially seven starts.

Sadly I’ve pretty much stank in every one.  I have a terrible track record in the road race with only two finishes and my best result being something in the top 25?

Robbie King capped off a strong season with a well deserved and deserving of recognition 10th in the RR, 9th in the Crit and 7th on GC.

Me?  Another DNF in the RR and a first ever DNF in the crit.  I was just off, legs and lungs were good but I couldn’t make myself suffer at all.  I made it to the second KOM of  Eichle Road but was just off the back at the top and then surfed the caravan for the next five miles to just turn around and go back to the feed zone.  My only consolation being that nearly half the field was already gone at this point.

Funny side note: Gengster slipped on the way up Eichle (which is 28% incline according to my Garmin) and had to run to the top.  Vid of the races should be here.

Sunday was a bit better but Clayton (who flatted twice AND crashed in the RR), Robbie and Bobby were clearly on better form (Bill joined us today too) so I volunteered for early duty and covered what I could and help in positioning for the finale with all I had left.  From lap 10 to 3 I just kept repeating in my mind, ‘Robbie and Clayton, Robbie and Clayton” so I could give every ounce I had and force myself to help them.  Clayton found himself off the front on the last lap but was caught with 200m to go.  Yournotasfastasmeshenko smoked everyone.

What’s next?  DC crit on the 21st and start of some cyclocross but I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to hold any kind of form.  I’m really thinking I might need to take my two weeks off the bike soon.  I’ll need to talk with the coach.


Wow, I’ve just have not been too motivated to train on the road bike, I have been though.  Fuji is on a bridge from my recon of the Univest loop this past Sunday.  From my house, the three KOM’s, over to Souderton and back was 7000+ feet of climbing.  I’m no darn climber so my legs are sore!

Tuesday motor pacing went well though.  Thank you Mitchell.

Got out last week in the woods with Hunter.  Those precious 90 minutes were solid.