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Today was one of those days…

that was simply amazing.  All the rain makes me appreciate the sunshine that much more.

Super secret climb.

travel at your own risk

Beautiful Roads

love this climb

Giro Di Jersey and Harlem Criterium

I don’t post TOO much about the racing as I prefer to just tell the stories surrounding the racing.  I’ll try to do a little of that as well.

Giro Di Jersey Stage 1. Flemington Crit 64km: Basically a 400 meter road course in Flemington, N.J.  Murfet (Kelly Benefits), Borrajo (Colavita) and I were joking we could have raced it as a Madison.  I was my usual over aggressive self.  10th place.  Damiani (Colavita) wins.  Dudes were getting lapped twice.   I really thought there would’ve been a breakaway.

Giro Di Jersey Stage 2 Sourland Road Race 136km: 30+ minutes of staging, in the rain, with officials telling us how “you can die here today” or “this course is dangerous in the dry” and “the pavement is terrible”…  Why tells us that and REPEATEDLY?  Dudes were freaked out.  Then they do a whole loop neutral!?  Yes, there is going to be a crash when you have 80 dudes hard on the brakes during a 40+ mph (and we were only doing 20mph) downhill in the pouring rain trying not to hit the race officials car.  Lots of talk in the peloton, some of us wanted to race some did not.  Officials made the call and canceled in the feed zone.  This day would have blown the G.C. to bits.  Dudes would have lost 20 minutes easily.  The last climb we did, after the cancellation call, would’ve been darn hard.    Note to promoter and officials: this isn’t the evening news; no need for the drama.  Note: the course was really cool and would’ve been a great race, really hard, but great.

Giro Di Jersey Stage 3 Ringoes Time Trial 20km: I’m terrible at Time Trials.   Todd Wells started in front of me on a standard road bike, standard wheels and beat me.  I had a Cervelo P2 with Carbone SLR’s.

Giro Di Jersey Stage 4 Rocky Hill Cycling Classic 134 km: Another day of rain but it did start dry.  With two my teammates in the top 10 G.C. the goal was to isolate those ahead in the overall and force them to chase.  My job, attack/get up the road/follow moves in order to set up Mathis or Minturn (the top two teammates I mentioned) in a the winning break and win stage/obtain podium G.C.  All went according to plan (almost).  Mathis got away with Troy Wells (Clif Bar) and Andy Guptill (Colavita) just before the last circuit and took third on stage and moved into fourth on G.C.  I was top 10 in finish sprint so I should be top 10 on the stage placing.  Didn’t stick around to find out.  Guptill took the another win for Colavita.

Giro Di Jersey Stage 5 Corner House Grand Prix 46 km: After team discussion I did not start (DNS) today in order to drive into Harlem NYC for the criterium there.

Harlem Criterium 40 miles: If you’ve never raced Harlem, go.  It’s an experience.  Nice little crowd and Rockstar Games sponsored event.  I love their games.  Rain came just in time for our race, great.  Crashes galore.  Jermaine Burrowes takes a nice win.  He’s a nice guy and he lives in NYC.

With the oncoming rain our director made the call for us to race aggressive, especially with a sprinter heavy field.  I was solo on three occasions for multiple laps.  I won a lap prize for a CASE of wine.  Nice.

The team set me up really well and I bridged to the break, which I’d later pay for.  I was only fourth.  Photo below.  Dang, I’m really disappointed.  Our sponsor is based in NYC, would’ve been nice to have been on the podium.  Total laps solo: 9.

Harlem finish 2009

Side notes:

While riding into Harlem there was two occasions we saw dudes on motocross bikes (not even close to street legal) doing wheelies down the avenue.  Wild.

Go around the circle on 110th, near central park, and it’s a totally different demographic from one side ot the other.  I brought this up at dinner and was told a story of how a dude that moved into Harlem because it was affordable.  He was jumped by a bunch of guys as he was entering his house.  He received broken face bones and a long hospital stay.  During the attack the victim kept asking “why are you doing this to me?”  They just told him it was cause of his race.  Stupid.  What year is this???  Poor behavior gives people bad reputations.

Giro Di Jersey is NOT as horrible as some made it out to be.

Racing Harlem in the rain was a lot more dangerous then the cancelled stage at Giro di Jersey.

Race report posts are long.