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the spot

Do you ever come up to a spot while riding, stop and simply reflect?  I do.  Usually it happens while riding solo and it’s some sort of “cool” place.

Sometimes it fulfills a need to get away.  Escaping if only for a moment.

Beautified or mystified by natural or man-made beauty.  I like to pause, admire and be thankful.

This happens to be one of Mueller’s spots:

Riding is more fun than racing

I know it’s time to move on when I have more satisfaction from a good group ride than a race.

I even helped some of my friends get lucky.

I hate 29er’s

I’ve been lucky enough to get in some great mountain biking at the Wissahickon, French Creek, Green Lane, Lehigh and Salisbury trails over the past days.  Along with some rare headwinds in the woods there was a good bit of snow on the trails too.

Heck, maybe we’ll get enough of the white stuff for one of these?

I thought I’d be missing this bike after I sold it.  I got a great deal on it a few years back.  The white paint is still cool to me and lots of hours were logged in together.  The plan was to upgrade to a newer and nicer 29er.  I remember saying to myself, and others, “I will never go back to a 26 inch bike.”

Now just about everyone I ride (and see) on the trails has a 29er.  And you know what?  My rebellious self wants to do the opposite of the masses and buy a new 26″ hardtail XC bike!  I think it’s the anti-mainstream narcissistic behavior (what’s left anyway) that dominated my adolescence.  Who am I kidding, I have a blog, I’m still narcissistic.

Soooo, for now I’ve been making do with this clunker:

I shouldn’t say “making do.”  I am really glad to rediscover how awesome the 26″ is!  And yes, I like the rigid fork.  It’s like finding an old CD that you haven’t listened to in years.  It flicks, flings and strums a rhythm that evokes nostalgic days of blazing trails, NORBA Nationals and Mountain Bike Festivals.

I know I know, there’s a reason we grow OUT OF adolescence.  So I will admit, disc brakes would be nice.