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A very important build and a race update.

Today I completed a very meaningful bike build. My rock solid CAAD9 has been a backbone steed for several years now and it’s time it moves on.

The black CAAD9 is going to one of my friend’s teenage son. The teen has kinda lost his way. I’ll forgo too many details and summarize: the kid has made some mistakes. He reminds me a bit of myself when I was at that age; lost.

Hopefully this bike (which his parent made the boy rightfully earn) will deliver what a bicycle did (still does) for me: clarity, purpose, peacefulness, meaningful friendships, a sense of accomplishment and ownership to my life. Image

In other news (racing):

I was 9th at the Turkey Hill Road Race. My teammate Joe Whitman earned a fine third place. Joe earning third was quite excellent.

In the French Creek “On The Rocks” Endurance race (four hour timed event) I rode into second place. I was quite satisfied cause the rest of the podium are regular endurance event champs.

Next up is the Transylvania Epic. I’m nervous.