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The Cross Crusade gang are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.  Their stalwart leader Rick Potestio (who is also Mad Max in the poster) is a certified genius.  I would also imagine he was begged and more likely tricked into that poster shot.


This may be the last time they are in Portland, I reallllllly want to go this year.  Who’s with me?


I could probably make a list of all the bikes (starting with Big Wheels) that I’ve owned.  I’ve been blessed.  Here’s my latest addition to the ever changing quiver of arrows.  1986 Redline RL 20  Radical.


Guerrilla Cross (GXC)

So I’ve sent some coded GCX emails out to a few of the locals.  The goal was to spawn some laughs, work on technical skills via riding singletrack, and enjoy post ride refueling.

I interpreted a recent comment made about GCX as an insult so I’d like to say the following to this person (although I doubt they will actually see this – so it’s clearly for me): “NO, I am NOT trying to better anyone else’s cross practice and NO I don’t think what you said was funny.”   I tried to see the humor but I just don’t.  Not when you actually know how much work is involved and we have similar goals of getting friends together to have fun with bicycles.  It’s simply disappointing. Ok, I’ll stop my dear diary entry…moving on; I’ve been stoked with the interest in GCX, I really appreciate all the kind words and to those coming out to pedal.

Check out the vid from our latest gathering using my VodPod located on this page.

If you would like to join us, it’s Tuesday evenings in September starting at 6:00 (I’m usually there setting up by 5:30).  Park in the gravel lot closest to Rt29 and Knight Rd at Green Lane Reservoir.  Post ride refreshments at Ortino’s Northside.

If you want the full GXC email just say the word.


So I did the Green Mountain Stage Race again this year, albeit it’s been 12+ years since I’ve done it and I’m glad I did.   Everything cool I remember about the race: the scenery, the courses, the atmosphere and the experience was still there.

The results for our team and myself could have been better.  I was given my chance on Day 2 but only muscled 10th on the stage.  I did teammate duties the rest of the weekend.   In essence I believe we raced with grit and I’m satisfied.

This pic is from us waiting for the ferry to cross Lake Champlain.  Tough to look at eh?

Ferry to Essex

We had dinner on the other side here:

Old Dock Restaurant

Univest is up next.