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What I miss about racing…

The racing itself?  Not really.

All the travel to “exotic” locations?  Nope.

My road gypsy friends.  Yep.

I’m stoked to see them doing well:

There was a  fine win at Iron Hill Twilight Criterium by Wyoming strong “Big Show” Clayton Barrows.

Bobby Lea earned two of his finest road placings to date (Iron Hill and Capital Criteriums.).

Ski” or “Junior” or “Zwiza” or “Zwiz” or “Scott” has been having another solid season winning some NRC races and rocking out the stage race scene.  Even bigger things for next year?  Hope so. 

Jacob Mueller is stepping into the big leagues fast.  Jacob played football at a DII college in Wisconsin = tank = work ethic = gonna kick some butt.

Super kid Jackie Simes III scored a fine win at Capital.  He’s already raced more six days on the velodrome than most.

There’s are lots of  teammates, former teammates and friends continuing the passion.  Love it.  Miss you guys, keep on keeping on.

There are some choice things about being “home” for the summer.  Details soon, promise.

ps – If you didn’t check out the link for “Big Show” do so.  The important update was an email he sent to the team last year.  Guessing he may change the subject line.

“The Struggle”

“The struggle”

God speed Debbie, Donna and Cyril.