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Friday, Saturday and Sunday (New Derby Vid)

First: Go EAGLES!  I’m not going to get my hopes up but it was a fun day of football for Philly fans yesterday.

Friday:  I rode with Charles Hanlon, young guy, only a junior in High School and very enthusiastic about the bike.  We rode by this Space Age house in Palm.  It’s been there for at least 15 years.  It appears to be made with some sort of fiberglass.  I wonder how loud it gets inside when it rains?

Space Age House

Saturday: Bobby Lea, Ken Walsh, Zwizanski and myself pedaled out to the Willowdale ride.  A solid group showed up despite the damp roads and chilly air.

Sunday: Bobby, Zwizanski, PaproskiMoskal and I pedaled up to the Derby.  Warmth and the Holidays brought out some good friends.  New vid below (also can be see higher quality by going here).

I keep suggesting they move…

There are some strong riders and good friends that live in Pittsburgh.  P-Burgh IS a cool town but if you live there, and want to race a bike, you are stuck driving six hours one way every weekend to race.  This is commitment/love for the sport.

I keep suggesting they just move to Philly.  Philly is ALSO cool and a much easier commute to just about every race on the east compared to Pitt.

Here’s another reason NOT to live in Pittsburgh.

Well, they do have Danny Chew and the Dirty Dozen…


Actively Waiting

The recent weather here has not been very conducive to cycling outside.  Yes; could be worse.  Yes; could be better.  No complaints.  Just stating fact.

I did get in a good day Saturday with Mueller as we road down the path to meet the 9 a.m. ride that leaves Cadence.  Suffered up some hills with a good group of people.  Turned out to be a great day.

Today was not the same.  Trainer/rollers for me.  Freezing rain overnight made it slick out there, Jill and I heard lots of sirens throughout the morning.

Waiting for spring, it will come.  Here’s something to keep us motivated.

Willowdale and Derby Chronicle 12/13&14/2008

Saturday was my first venture down to the Willowdale ride.  There was a good turnout and it’s a very scenic route.  Great endurance day with some 25-30 minutes of paceline work.  I bonked in the last 30 minutes.  This is what I get for eating a small bowl of muesli with coffee for breakfast and then bring only water/no food on a four hour ride.  I did get a banana and some green tea in the last hour but it was not enough.

With my new house I have a variety of new ways to get up to the Derby, which is an important endurance day for me as a working stiff. I also ate some eggs and bacon in the morning; no bonking today!!!

Mueller joined me and we had a blast.  Lorraine met us at Norm’s; the usual apres Derby meeting place.   When we got home for there was some deluxe hoagie fixins’ that Jill prepared.  Nice

Lorraine and Mueller (who was a Running Back at a Division II school in Wisconsin) at Norm’s

Lorraine and Mueller at Norm's

Super Six’s = Kremer would be proud.

Super Six Deuce


Mini Hoagie

Pet Cemetery

Since Nagy posted the “fire” video for us, the Pet Cemetery was also brought/commented up by 4:20, I’ll fulfill his request for the pic below.  It’s still funny…


Z bonfire party.

Brave Nick wanted to sit on the couch while we through it in.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, thank goodness there was one person (Kim) that convinced us otherwise.  Nick would have been crispy in 10 seconds.

Thank you Nagy for posting the vid.

Only in Oley

So after dozens of rides past this establishment I realized on Saturday that this may be one of the most unique signs I’ve ever seen.

A Zwisanski party?

While I’m taking the picture I realize that this could also be an advertisement for a Zwizanski couch burning.  Scotty Z used to have some epic bonfire parties at his parents place.  There was often some lawn tractor shenanigans coupled with beer drinking.

Nagy, post the “fire video” on youtube so I can post it.