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Chi Town

Snake, Katie (Snake’s wife), Gwen (Snake’s wife’s co-worker and friend), and I drove the three hours out to the Chicago Lakefront yesterday for the Chicago Criterium.

Being the only two representatives from our team we decided it was best to wait until the last hour to “try our hand.”  Crap.  Huge split goes up the road 20 minutes into the race.  Huh????  Plan B was enacted/created and I attacked a bunch to get in some good training and perhaps take a preme.  I managed 3rd or 4th in the finale to finish 23rd.   That’s about it.  Elk Grove Next Weekend.

Cool Pic of the famous Buckingham fountain.

my teammate is famous

Apart from a town in PA and a town in Indiana my teammate “Big Show” has a darn Cafe!

Snake’s Bottle Collection

Racing again

Raced Mt. Holly (Willy was a stud)and Comeback Criterium this weekend.  The story is simple: it was hot and I suffered much both days.  It’s been two weeks since my appendix was removed and my round of antibiotics.  I can finally breathe normal and now need to find my race legs again.

 I enjoyed seeing the PA crew both days, since joining Rite Aid I don’t race as much in PA so it’s nice to see my buds when I can.  

On the way home from Mt. Holly, PA Turnpike, I look down to see the temperature gauge in my car say 102 degrees.  Yikes!!  

Easy Bike

If you are easily offended, do not watch this vid.  If you like good humor, push on my friends.  There are three “Easy Bike” skits, the last one is my favorite.  I like the pizza guy skit too…

In the shadows of Limerick the Irish will play…

So I’m doing my first ride without an appendix when I come across this sign. I couldn’t help but think of a slew of racially stacked jokes about alcohol and drinking.

Saysna’s Wedding

I’m more bummed that I missed Saysna’s wedding Sunday.

Congrats my friend!!!