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Strawberry Patch

Did a nice endurance ride today with Mueller, Minturn and Stubna.  Had some monster cookies, coffee and breakfast at the Patch.  Nice.

arm and leg warmers and it's 80 degrees “Dude, it’s like 80 degrees.  Why don’t YOU have arm and leg warmers on?”

Voted Best Desserts Thumbs up.  I just realized that the place is actually called Strawberry House and not Strawberry Patch.  Oh well, I’ll still call it the Patch.

Awesome pie hear at the patch and cookies the size of your hand! The pie here rocks and the cookies are the size of your hand!

Bike racing creates stories…

Wilmington Grand Prix

9th place. One of the many interesting stories is already posted below.

Kelly Cup

Sweetness gets run over by the circus bike 5 min before the start.  He races on neutral support bike.  This is never good.

Just about EVERYONE took the grass line at least once. Czech Concussion somehow crashes.  He also flats his third Continental Sprinter Tubular for the year.  Can you say, “expensive?”

Magnum P.I. is jazzed to do the “shake and bake” lead out but pulls the “magic man” when a rider next to him takes him down.  He drove back to Burlington VT (8+ hours, with three other dudes in a small subaru) that night, ouch.

Inside the last lap, I was still sitting in fine position, super kamikazed to sprint and flatted.  Double pinch flat ta boot.

BUT there was Jimmy Johns on the way home!!!!


AND this kid that rocked out Bad to the Bone


I think I know this guy

Wilmingtongpbannerjpeg_0 Photo by Zwizanski.

I’ll be sure to have a good laugh this weekend.

This guy is my teammate.  As you can see by the pic below, he is really really funny.

Jake Skirack billboard

Big Show


Course de Coeurs

Since I had to stay home for work and miss out on Joe Martin I could race Course de Coeurs today.  I am perplexed as to why there was only 20 riders in our race.  Monies went to a good cause, there wasn’t much of anything else going on…weird.

All around cool guy Mark Walters and some of his Canadian friends were there.  His 17 year old prodigy won. Main Line Cycling does a nice job promoting younger riders and they are involved with Mazur Coaching.

Here are some important, in my mind, facts:

1. The porto john had FOUR rolls of TP.  I’ve never seen that before and I’ve seen a lot of things in a porto pot.


There was an awesome BBQ on the course today, I randomly smelled bacon out there too.  Sensing God’s devine intervention I drove home, napped and then made this:


Breakfast in the afternoon is sooooo yummy.

Some Bills

Dear Mr. Bruce:

Here is an update on some pending bicycle laws. 
There was a rally up here in Harrisburg yesterday. 
This account is from the York Daily Record newspaper:

State Rep. Miller promotes 'Bike Month'

Daily Record/Sunday News

Updated: 05/05/2009 11:07:42 PM EDT

During a state Capitol rally Tuesday designed to promote May as "Bike Month" in Pennsylvania, 
state Rep. Ron Miller, R-Jacobus, announced details of a pair of bills designed to promote bicycle 
safety in Pennsylvania.

"Bicycling is great exercise and an effective, efficient mode of transportation, 
and Pennsylvania has miles of beautiful countryside that can be enjoyed on two wheels," 
Miller said. "We need to do all that we can to promote the activity and protect bike enthusiasts 
through legislation that makes it safer for them to enjoy their sport."

Miller's bills are as follows:

--- House Bill 1109 specifies that any driver who knowingly maneuvers his or her motor vehicle to 
intimidate or harass a cyclist or pedestrian, or any driver or passenger in a motor vehicle who directs
 threatening gestures or language at a cyclist or pedestrian, commits a second-degree misdemeanor.

--- House Bill 1110 establishes a minimum four-foot safe passing distance, at a reduced speed when 
possible, for overtaking bicycles on the highway. It also prohibits drivers from making sudden right 
turns in front of a cyclist proceeding in the same direction.

Thomas J. Quigley
State Representative
146th Legislative District
717-772-9963 (Harrisburg Office)
610-326-9563 (District Office)