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DirtFest/Raystown Shenanigans

I went out to Raystown and DirtFest with a surly crew of buddies.  Check out what we did to Burt’s car in the VodPod>>>>>>>

Amongst all the jokes, jabs and slander it’s pretty obvious that any one of them would take a bullet for the other.

Thank you Swashbuckler Brewing Company for their sponsorship of the weekend.

Man, I love this bike:

Great Valley Training Criterium Video

It’s over in the VodPod >>>>>>>>

The Iron Maiden goes out to Zwizanski. Kick Arse at T.O.C. buddy!

Pump Track coming to Gilbertsville?

The New Hanover Township Park (mile from my house) has a little BMX track.

It’s barely used and growing in.  I met with the Township Manager today to see if there would be interest in reviving it and making it more dynamic.  When I say “dynamic” I am of course am thinking about a pump track. Definately would have to keep it on the lighter side.

Man…I would be sooooo stoked if it get’s done , I roll over there and I see a five year old riding on it with a huge grin and a proud mom/dad watching.

I was asked to present the idea at the next council/board meeting!  It’s June 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Fingers crossed.