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Mengoni, Stay in one of our Hotels and Team TP

I really enjoy NYC.  Too bad for me I was sick this trip up.  I was well enough to suffer through the Mengoni GP yesterday but not well enough to start today’s Lou Maltese Memorial.

If you’ve never done Mengoni, you should do it.  It’s an experience.

Mengoni start is at 6:00 a.m. = dark

Yep – it’s still dark in Central Park at 6:00 a.m.

The field was smaller than usual but still littered with good sprinters (typical of NYC) so our goal was to break up the race.  It was our best proposition because we don’t have an “ace in the hole” sprinter.  Problem was that every break we were in yesterday had at least one “ace in the hole sprinter!”

We did have a teammate in a break going into the finale but he thought it was still one lap to go cause there were no lap cards and no last lap bell.  He held on for sixth.  As I said, Mengoni GP is always an experience.

Feeling terrible I had already told my team I’d be less than sharp.  This was quickly confirmed during the race and I reminded my team of such.  I wanted to drop out every lap but I kept telling myself a variety of things so I did not.  I covered what I could when I could and even attacked a few times, only to blow up instantly.  One does stupid amounts of suffering when they like their team.

I pulled leadout duty on last lap

Empire Leadoutand punched it from the bottom of the finish hill (about 200 meters).

The results weren’t what we were looking for but I was satisfied and thankful not to lose any skin (there’s a good chance of doing so at Mengoni – woman’s race pic).

Next time you are in NYC, support a cyclist that has a business that gives pours money into cycling.

We have our own TP!

Empire Hotel Group Toilet Paper!

Pictures were sniped from Anthony Skorochod. 🙂

Crit Nats

Yeah, it went well.  If you want a Geronimo perspective then let me know.  I’m too tired and grumpy right now to type out the synopsis.

Most important; I’m stoked for my teammate Margarita.  He’s been working hard on improving his criterium skills and he seized a great opportunity.  It’s even more poignant considering the deluge of rain we endured for the majority of our race.  Yes, there were lots of crashes.

BTW – You sadly won’t find an accurate podium shot from the Elite Men’s race cause Margarite and Paul Martin we doing there thing with USADA.  Robbed.

Here are two cool vehicles from the drive out to Chicago in back:

cool ambulance

Great RV