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Whiteface Leadville Qualifier

Two week ago my buddy Brian Wester calls me up and we have a conversation, “Geronimo, what are you doing on June 19th?” “I don’t know, what’s on June 19th?”  “Well, you know how I’ve been trying to get into Leadville? “umm yeah…” “Well I’ve tried through the lottery they have but never get picked.  This year they have three qualifying races and the first one is on June 19th at Whiteface Moutain in NY.”  “Ahh, very cool.  So you’re going up there to race?”  “Yep. I was also wondering if you’d come up and ride with me.”

Sound of crickets.

Me: “So let me get this straight.  You want me to come up and race with you at this Leadville Qualifier and it’s in less than two weeks??”  Wester: “yep, I can’t think of anyone better.”  I’m thinking that Wester meant he can’t think of anyone more crazy.  Of course I said yes. How can I say no to a brother trying to complete a personal goal.

The next 11 days were a whirlwind and if it wasn’t for my awesome Girlfriend (she NEVER complains about my adventures – many of them last minute), Bryon Kremer and Mandy Braverman of Cannondale and of course Brian Wester himself who works for Tifosi sales (Sram/Zipp/Yeti/Rockshox/etc…) I never would have made it.

Here’s the quick version:

1. Till five days ago I didn’t have a working geared MTB.  New MTB purchased, built and ridden (three times).  Yes, it’s very fast and light (21 lbs).

2. Registration generously provided by a presenting sponsor: Cannondale.

3. Drove seven hours after work.  Arrive at 12:30 a.m. exhausted but didn’t sleep cause I then realized I forgot to finalize my registration.

4. 7:00 a.m. the next morning Mandy of Cannondale, along with Jimmy Birrel of Medalist Sports and his staffer Ryan have me registered with the click of their fingers.  I am also plate #5 and have a Cannondale jersey to wear.

5.  Wester and I race.  The course is beautiful, challenging and better than it looks on paper.  Wester never once complains, even after falling into a deep and dark place litterally and figuratively.

6. Brian and I ride in to finish 18th in his age group (40-49) 49th overall.  I was 21st in my age group (30-39) 50th overall.  There were 231 starters.

7. Brian doesn’t qualify for Leadville.  Top 13 in his age group qualify. On the result sheet 13th place was less than five minutes in front of us.  We both realize he lost this on the last climb of the day.  We were passed by about 15 people on that last climb. We are both deflated, but only briefly.  Wester is very positive and reflective.  We both laugh and realize that we had an awesome time.

8. Apparently our time was competitive and some of the top 13 don’t want to actually go to Leadville, therefore we may get a spot after all.  We are now waiting to see if it pans out (pun intended).  

IF I get an invite.  I’ve gotta go right?

Monday morning one of the Birch Tree Lodge dogs walks into our room.  She then begs for some cereal.

Side notes:

  • Mandy crashed her road bike Friday afternoon and was in the E.R. till 2:30 in the A.M.  She was a walking pile of gauze and ooze.  Yet she never stopped smiling and was so stoked to help out.
  • Jeremiah Bishop wins with a time of 3:37.  Very fast.  Probably due to the fact that he’s a stud mtb’er and that he just came from winning the Trans Sylvania Epic.   His teammate Alex Grant was second and a Canadian Trek Pro was third.
  • Top 100 got a Belt Buckle.  Look closely at the pic of my Cannondale.  You’ll see the belt buckle and the medal (all finishers received a medal).
  • I highly recommend this race.  Well run, scenic course and amazing volunteers.
  • Wilmington/Whiteface/Lake Placid area is AMAZING.

Historic Riverton Criterium

My good buddy Carlos is putting on a race.  Please come out to support this first year event!