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When was your last trance?

So I sold that 1986 Redline RL20 I fixed up.

The sale started with an email, “Hello, is the rl20 still available?”   There was a few more messages probing about parts and the price.  It was clear this person was knowledgeable about all things vintage BMX.

I then received a voicemail Sunday, “Hello this is Tim.  I’m the one that emailed about the Redline RL20a?”  This is when I noticed something strange (to me at least):  the voice on the line sounds A LOT like a kid.  Now I’m confused.  Is it really possible that a kid could be interested in this old bike?  Not only that, this KID knew all kinds of stuff about the parts spec.  Why in the world would a KID be asking about, let alone offering to purchase, a 1986 Redline!?  Jeez, figured he would want a WeThePeople or a Kink!

Later in the day I get another call from Tim and this time I answer, “Hello?”  “Hi, my name is Tim and I called earlier about the Redline RL20A.”  We talk for a bit and negotiate the price.  I’m impressed how he speaks with confidence and poise.  He says he can be over within the hour, I agree to be home.  True to his word he arrives and my assumption is spot on.  He’s just a kid!  A sixteen year old kid to be exact.  His dad drove him over.

Turns out Tim collects vintage BMX bikes, races them and travels the east coast to show off his collection.  The Redline is his Christmas gift and was a long sought after bike.  The Dad laughs and goes on how his son has more interest in vintage BMX bikes than getting his drivers license.  It’s good thing that the Dad is supportive (turns out Dad races the M.A.S.S. series on a 29’er).

Wow.  I’m stoked.  The Redline couldn’t be going to a better home.

This is when I saw the trance.

While Tim’s dad is telling me about racing, the vintage BMX scene and all things cool bike.  I see Tim holding his new ride.  He’s squeezing the brakes, freewheeling the cranks, bending down to investigate the chrome, touching the stickers and generally consumed with the Redline.  Tim was in the trance.

The trance is something everyone should experience at least once.  What is the trance?  The excitement and joy that comes from getting something you dreamed about.*

Here’s Tim’s collection on BMX Museum.

Here’s my first trance bike:

*Note – The trance does not have to be about a bike.

A post that has nothing to do with bicycles?

However; it does have something to do about two wheels.

After watching a replay of this years Isle of Man TT the latest round of Speedway GP came on.  It is similar to flat track racing, which is very popular here in the U.S.  Sidenote:  7X Grand National Champion and CURRENT world land speed record holder lives in Oley, PA.  My coworker coaches Carrs boys in little league.

Speedway reminds me of Velodrome racing and Short Track Speed Skating.  No Brakes, One Gear, Four Laps, Points awarded first through third place, multiple heats, points advance.  I was sucked in and watched the entire event.  It was good fun!

Well, here’s abicycle bit:  I need to stop buying bike stuff so I can once again buy moto stuff.

Videos of Isle of Man TT and Speedway are on the VodPod.  Check out the 2007 Isle of Man Vid.  It was the first video I put on there.