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Magic Hat

Cool Labels.


Important update from Clayton

“Doing crits suck so I’m drinking beer and making red blood cells.” Clayton “Big Show” Barrows.


Superweek Trip Update

As you may have heard Johnny Chavanel aka Minturn broke his collarbone on day two of our multi-day racing trip.  Here’s the story as I saw it from about 15 riders back.  Minturn was solo and ready to take a $20.00 preme.  Some dude from a Midwest team decides he wants to take the money.  As this rider is sprinting toward Minturn (who at this point was only 3-5 seconds in front of us) he clips his bars on the line and knocks Minturn straight off the bike (Minturn already won the money).

Visualize yourself Time Trialing on the hoods and some wanker going 2-3km faster than you running into your handlebar/pushing it sideways/throwing you straight over the bars.  (almost like that time Lance got his bars hooked by a spectator in the tour).

That all happened in Ohio.  With Minturn heading back to home Adam Farabaugh took advantage of the opportunity to race in Milwaukee and Chicago.  Adam is only 20 and excited to race, so the poor sap is here with me looking for experience!  He’ll be a stagierre with Empire this whole week.

Day 3 (Monday) & 4 (Tuesday)  were Superweek races.  Simple, go hard, try to get in break, go harder, be crazy in finale and sprint.

Day 3 – Recovery ride day.  Here are some more pics (check twitter for others).



Day 4: today – will start an 8 turn 1km criterium.  We’ll see how that goes…

Another Dream Vehicle

Lots of good things to discover while riding a bike.

General Lee:Dave

Dream Vehicle

This is one of my all time favorite vehicles.  I’ve wanted one of these things since high school.  Came across this one at Great Valley Criterium last night.



Notice there’s only a drivers seat in this shot.

land cruiser1



While on a training ride a few weeks back Mitchell and I saw this cool ride.  Lots of neat old stock stuff on this rig.  Reminds me of the good ole days.  Translation: I’m old.


was fun. Yep, I have to admit (now that’s it’s over) I had fun. I may not have been at my best but I really enjoyed it. I think it’s cause I knew it was also my last Fitchburg?? I definitely know it’s cause my team is awesome.  I also like that it was the 50th addition.  Good memories.

The racing itself was bloody war, shock right? Easily one of the best fields of my half a dozen + times racing the Longsjo Classic. Yep, I think there was even more depth than that year US Postal showed up.

I rode within my limits so hopefully the legs will recover well for Iron Hill this Saturday.

Some randoms:

LOTS of people do this race, all categories.  Impressive.

The Scenery is amazing.  The courses are beautiful.  We had GREAT weather for Saturday and Sunday.

Jeannie Longo is a living legend.  I should have gotten a picture with her.  She’s 50 and was 3rd overall in the Pro/1 women’s race.

I was lapped in the Circuit race and rode 100 miles of the road race in the “autobus.”  Embarrassing but fact.

Time gaps for Circuit Race and Road Race weren’t always accurate, some riders gaining/losing time when they shouldn’t have.  When you’re in the depths of the G.C. then who cares?!

Bissell mechanic is a nice guy, he let us use the hose and offered up his bucket of soap/brushes to clean our bikes.  My teammate Zmolik purchased him a six back of brew as payment.