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How do you know when it’s cold?


Even with the chill, the sun was shining and it was another fine turnout for the Derby.  Pic of some of the sled’s


It’s official…

I had two enjoyable years as a “Pro” with Rite Aid. A sincere thank you to the management for the opportunities.  Dreams were fulfilled.

Which leads too…

The economy is on a downturn and the UCI has rules which ignited a fierce domestic pro contract hunt.  With all the fallout I am very excited to be a part of Empire for 2009.

See ya out there.

When the weather…

isn’t so cooperative it’s time to improvise.

Footage is from last Sunday.  Bobby is now in California.

Ice is Not Your Friend

I rarely moan but this just gets to me…

I certainly don’t pretend to understand the budget challenges of USA Cycling but is it really possible to think that they need to do this?  As it currently stands; anyone that accepts must deeply love the sport, is looking to better themselves and better Collegiate cycling.  Bravo in advance to this courageous soul.

So why the actual moan?  Does anyone else think there might be some mismanagement of funds going on??  Here’s a possible solution: take $1.00 of every Collegiate Cycling License Fee from the area advertised and make it part of this person’s salary.  Take another $1.00 of the License fee and apply it toward this person’s budget.

I’m sure there are many more creative ways to make this a paying position.

At least they get business cards?!  C’mon anyone can get business cards for free.

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