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Cadence Cycling Foundation (pic) Donation Update

Dear Ciclismo (Edit – This is for ALL those that donated)

Cadence Cycling Foundation’s (CCF) goal is to utilize cycling as a mechanism to connect with underserved youth ages 9 – 18 and help them improve their health and well-being, improve school performance, and develop positive life skills.  We could not accomplish our mission without the support of local organizations and clubs like Ciclismo.

Thanks to your CCF Donation Drive at the Liberty Crit  we collect over 80 jerseys, 55 bib shorts, and TONS of other gear.  See the mound of donations in the attached picture! CCF is able to fulfill our mission with the assistance of the local cycling community, and your race and club demonstrated what an awesome community we have!

Thank you again for helping the next generation of cyclist ride, race, and educate their way to a better future.

Victoria Hanks
Program Director
Cadence Cycling Foundation

Team Member Dan Lavelle was the coordinator for the donations.  Well done Dan!

Liberty Criterium Results, Photos and Thank you!!!!!

Huge thank you’s for all of you that came to the Liberty Criterium.  I am quite proud of the Philly Ciclismo Crew.  They rallied themselves and their families to run an amazing event.  Almost 400 riders on the day!

Special thanks to our sponsors and the uber cool local riders that volunteered their time and efforts!

Major Props to Jamie Harris.  He is the official promoter and heads our Road Race committee (which I’m a part of).  Cheers!

Head Honcho’s message to ALL the racers: Thank you all very much for making the 2011 Liberty Criterium the most successful yet.  We had great weather, great racing, and great people.  You guys are the ones who make racing exciting and Philadelphia Ciclismo is very happy to call all of you our friends.  You can keep up with the team on Facebook or at our blog,

Please check out the following two links to photographers who were onsite:

Finally, please take our 5 question survey.  Your feedback will help us put on an even better race next year.

Jamie Harris
Liberty Criterium Race Director

Click Here for Liberty Criterium Results

Thanks again!


Do This 2011 Do This Liberty Do This Criterium Do This

The team I ride for is promoting and hosting the 3rd annual Liberty Criterium.

THANK YOU AWESOME SPONSORS: Cannondale, Kimberton Whole Foods, Honey Stinger, Bellocq, Sram, Moshulu, White Dog Cafe, and Standard Practice Design Shop.

BikeReg Link:

Merchandise Prizes/Premes courtesy of Sram, Zipp, Thule, Cadence Cycling and Multi-Sport Center, Dog Fish Head Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewery, Moshulu, White Dog Cafe, Sportique and Honey Stinger .

All of these prizes/premes, in my opinion, are USABLE things too.

A few examples:

Endurance Nutrition that doesn’t taste like butt and not expired.  Of course you’ll be dissapointed if you like the taste of butt.

Clothing that is not xxxxxxl or xxxxxs.  Sorry if these are your sizes.

Throughout the day there will be $600.00 worth of Moshulu and White Dog Cafe Gift Cards offered as premes.

3 will be offered in the Men and Women 1/2/3

2 for the 45+

1 each for the Men 5, Men 4, Men 3/4 and Women 4

Podium for Men and Women 1/2/3 will receive a bottle of wine!

Cat 3/4’s, and 5’s: save your race number and stick around for your categories podium and awards because there will be certificates raffled for Cadence bike fits.  One each for Men 5’s and Women 4’s.  We will also raffle certificates for Cadence LT testing. One each for the Men 3/4 and Men 4.  Must be present to claim.

Podium Pictures will be taken within 15 minutes after the finish.

Race M.C. will be the infamous Joe Jefferson.

VERY IMPORTANT: We are also doing a clothing and parts drive for the which was recently featured in Bicycling Magazine.   If you have some old kits and/or bike parts to donate please bring them, trust me, they are going to a great cause.

See you this Sunday, July 24th!


I’m back (without my back) with Pics and Videos

Back from Portland, OR.  Think this was my fifth time?  Amazing how that place has changed.  It’s really developing.  There is a substantial neighborhood revival in just about every part of town.  There are many new restaurants and businesses.  Even with all of the “progress” Portland still seems to maintain it’s counter-cultural roots.

Every 2-3 years I visit one of my best friends John Walrod.  It just so happens he was getting married so it made the obligatory trip even more worthwhile.  Walrod and all of his friends (including his new bride) are a barrel of laughs.

This is typical Portland.  Person below was NOT drunk.  He’s our good friend Ryan Weaver.  Four dudes in the cab of an 1987 Chevy 1500 cab is awkwardly tight, Weaver volunteers himself to go in the truck bed.  Never thought a wood pallet could make a picture more profound.

Did some more amazing Mountain Biking this past week too.  Was lucky enough to stay with Matt Slaven, his awesome wife and accomplished cyclist Dani along with their baby Zoe.  Zoe is the happiest baby ever!

Ever try riding with someone that regularly pulls stuff (at warp speed) like this? Click on pic for video:

Ride 1: Matt and Walrod take me to the Sandy Ridge trails.  Non-existent only 6 months ago these new trails are reminiscent to the east coast.  Modest in rocks and roots compared to back east but way longer climb, waay faster, waaay more berms, waaaay more jumping and waaaaay more fun.  Way!  Here’s the map:

Ride 2: Matt and I are out on the “minorities only” ride.  Cat 1 climb, picked about $100 worth of Morel Mushrooms (which we ate for breakfast the next day). Cruised some fantastic singletrack and the last downhill (Oak Ridge Trail) was like a slamdance.  This was the short loop. Map:

Mt Hood is behind the clouds.  My back is tweaked!

This is how we roll:

Ride 3 was an easy spin out to Forest Park.  Map:  I wrecked my back, starting at Lake Placid a few weeks back, and it finally gave out on Ride 2.  Totally worth it!

Some of you know that I really like the band Red Fang.  First off, I met the drummer at New Seasons on Thursday.  When I approached him I don’t know who was more surprised?!  I was definitely more stoked.  Well, they did a bonus (they just came back from Europe and leave for a continental tour) concert Sunday night, Walrod and our buddy Jake and myself went.  It rocked.  If you haven’t seen the videos yet click on the next two pics below: