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Horror Hotel

Jill and I went to the Horror Hotel last night.  It was only $7, tickets came with a free pizza and it was funl!

Yes, I did get spooked in a few spots.

Good food + good friends = good times

B&B and Cross

Blackapalooza or the Boozes and B*****s was on Saturday night. Man, the food is sooooo good. It’s amazing how this thing has grown year to year. Good food, people and beverage = fun. Jill and I were pooped (probaly cause we gorged on grilled tenderloin, homemade spring rolls and fried rice plus brats and beer). Sadly we didn’t stay past 10:00 and we totally sucked at quoits.

Wissahickon cross was fun. Go phillies!

Todd Leister photo

Driving up to French Creek

This is one reason why dogs are cool.

Cross bike ride at Green Lane

So I clearly didn’t learn my lesson from yesterday but this vid was a bit better.  Took the cross bike today, it was awesome.  I’m happy with my re-discovered playground.  It’s been over 10 years since I first mtn biked here and I did limited exploring.  

Chadd, let’s go.