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Ephrata Haiku and LochNess

Saturday was hot

TeamTimeTrial hurt really bad.

Criterium  good.

Picture below has nothing to do with Ephrata.  Came across it on a ride.


Cool Pictures

Zwiza with a big beer cup.

Big Trophy for Poland

Patented Minturn Mock Tractor Supertuck


Battenkill Stories

Saturday was a blessing in disguise.  I felt pretty decent but flatted after an hour of pedaling.  Why is this good?  Broom wagon came and it started to rain, most of the race DNF’ed at the second feed.  It was only in the low 50’s up there.

Sunday was also good.  I felt great all day and with 15 miles to go I just couldn’t throw down the power on a longer road climb.  I half-heartedly chased through the next 5km section of dirt and wasn’t  getting anywhere.  I decied to sit up, connect with some others and  pedaled it easy the rest of the way.   Results here. I really shouldn’t be surprised, it’s only the fourth race of the year.

Bobby is riding super well. So is Minturn.  Both were in the break Saturday, both earned a top 10.  Bobby was in the early break again Sunday.  Ridiculous  Maybe the winter Derby rides are paying dividends?

Clayton rides like seven hours a week between grad school and driving back and forth to Burlington VT (Clayton goes to Penn State).  Talented as he is he should have sprinted for a top place but flatted in the last 10 miles.   He’s riding well too.

I really like my new team, I laughed a lot over the weekend.   We only had two dudes not finish and it was because of flats at worst possible moments.   There were lots of flats both days.

Zmolik who helped the Team Planet Energy chase for a few miles, had a flat, covered moves throughout the race, then attacked late in the day with two other dudes, got on the radio about 15 minutes later and said (use your best eastern European accent), “deese guys suckkk, I’m goooing toooo atttackk…”  He then rides away from the them and the chasing field to gain over forty seconds in about five miles.  It’s only about 20 km to the finale and the fireworks really start.  Zmolik manages to still finish respectively.  Crazy Czech.  He was thinking the form was off, now we know we should’ve had him sit in all day!

Unnamed guest rider dude for a Boston based team gives the ole elbow push to a rider during the race and they start exchanging words.  Then the dude realizes he knows the guy and apologizes.  “Oh, my bad.  I didn’t realize it was you.”  Here’s a question, So it’s okay to chop someone for no reason, in the middle of the pack, when we are soft pedaling, if you know them?  What a dork.  There’s more:  On Saturday a very kind, and new to the bike racing thing, elderly husband and wife are spending the day driving their personal van as the broom.  We see some riders as we drive along.  The wife sees a rider and asks, “Do you think they are ok?”  Dork guest rider dude keeps telling her and her husband to “just go, they’re fine, see they’re pedaling, they’ll be fine, they were dropped cause they suck…”  I have to be the voice or reason and tell the drivers to slow down and ask if the riders would like a ride.  All while the dude is still telling them to go on.  I’m guessing this dude has few people that genuinely like him.

Final Story is told with numbers:

Duration:      5:34:06
Work:          5920 kJ
TSS:           470.4 (intensity factor 0.92)
Norm Power:    331
VI:            1.12
Pw:HR:          3.07%
Pa:HR:          4.91%
Distance:      124.016 mi
Elevation Gain:        9535 ft
Elevation Loss:       9562 ft
Grade:         -0.0 %  (-24 ft)
Min    Max    Avg
Power:           1    1173    296     watts
Heart Rate:      92    199    161     bpm
Cadence:         1    164    84     rpm
Speed:           0.2    55.3    22.3     mph
Pace             1:05    321:52    2:41     min/mi
Altitude:        335    898    579     ft
Crank Torque:    0    1806    288     lb-in

I’ve been in a lot of hotels…

and this is one of the nicest.  THANK YOU promoter of Battenkill.  I hope to repay you with some good racing.  First thing you notice when walking in the door is the couch, ottoman and nice Japanese style panel.   Second pic is Minturn looking a bit Sasquatch. Yep, giant HD tv.




Polish American guy wins the 66th Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay.  Solid work Z.



Zerns is fun.

Germs anyone?

Germ Central

Dogs love the butcher shop.

Hmmm, I can't decide.

And to think I always through this stuff out?


S&M for Felines.

bad kitty!

Advertise Early

Scottis Irish Festival We don’t mess around when it comes to a party, yes I’m part Scottish.  I need to work on my log flip.