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Just like old times…Bicycle Therapy

It’s amazing to me.  You may not see someone for years but then, like not a day has passed, the old stories, new stories and stories to come become conversation.   Laughing and smiling dominate the minutes.

Braving snow and ice, some members of the old Blue and Yellow Team Bicycle Therapy (TBT) met up at Valanni Restaurant.  Former TBT member John Strain earned his way to executive chef at Valanni.  His menu is good stuff.   The Bicycle Therapy Shop, which just celebrated it’s 20th year,  is still one of the best and the owner Lee Rogers himself was in attendance.  Even Freddy Klevan the Oakley rep showed.  Freddy and Oakley were a generous supporters to the team.  Typical of our TBT Captain; Carlos Rogers and co-owner of Hush Salon (Lee’s brother) arranged the whole evening.

It may have taken us a long time to have this reunion, but when it mattered most we pulled together to support one of our TBT brothers.  It was a sobering yet therapeutic night, for all of us, it really was bicycle therapy. Good friends are there when you need them most.  I am lucky to know these men.

A few hours later we walked back out into the slush, still laughing.

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