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Michaux Maximus Rad VS Bad

RAD: Challenging course with a taste of everything east coast mountain biking has to offer.

RAD: Perfect weather

RAD: Great atmosphere complete w/ camping, food and picturesque layout.

RAD: Hanging with my buddies.

BAD: I’m old so us “vet” guys get staged and released almost two minutes behind “seniors.”  Kinda weird but no worries.

BAD: Miss turn. Go down big hill. Figured it out, turn around and climb.

BAD: Catching back onto the leaders I flat.  Odd piece of metal went directly into the crown of my tire and it split like a butterfly cut.

BAD: My spare tube is a 26″.  I’m riding a 29″ Doh!

RAD: Topher saves the day and gives me his spare tube.

RAD: I’m back in action, rolling well, enjoying the trails and re-catching many that passed me.

BAD: Flat #2.  Totally my fault, pinch flat on a steep rocky decent.

BAD: I start walking, many re-pass me.

RAD: Topher rolls by again and slows down.  I immediately tell him to keep going.  There was no way was I going to take his last tube.   Topher is the type of guy that would have given me his last tube (risking his own race).  He’s good people.

BAD: Some time goes by, I’m still walking and nobody has a tube to lend me.  No worries and I don’t blame them.  They are racing too.  It’s my own fault I’m in this position anyway.

RAD: Charles K. rolls by and without hesitation gives me his back up tube.  Class move #2 of the day.  I owe Topher and Charles K. big time.

RAD: I’m back in action and no more issues.

RAD: Finish time was 4:14? but my Garmin GPS says I averaged 10 mph for 38.9 miles and finished in 3:52

RAD: Race loop was actually 37.9 miles.  So I got in an extra mile?

BAD: According to Strava I lost two minutes with my wrong turn.

BAD: Flat changing time was 19 minutes (again according to my Garmin).

RAD: I earn third place in the Vet class.

RAD: Vegan Rob crushed it and took the W in the Vet class.  Another good dude.

RAD: Don’t know who won the “senior” class but his finish time was 3:46?  Excellent ride!

RAD: My buddies: Wild West, Misk, Mascelli and Dragon finish up with respectable times and a big grins.

RAD: Great riding to anyone and everyone that finished the Maximus.  That was some serious technical stuff!

RAD: There were doggies everywhere!  Love doggies.

RAD count: 17

BAD count: 9

RAD wins!

Batenkill review via a top 5 good and top 5 bad lists

Top 5 reasons why I enjoyed my recent trip to Battenkill.

5.  Meeting new people. Host housing family amazing and as you may know, it’s not always great.  Check out the pic of my accommodations.  I dream of having a little cabin like this:

4.   Seeing my gypsy friends.  Racing bikes introduces you to some great people and sadly, I only see them at the races.  They are spread around the country after all.  It’s nice to catchup, even if it’s brief or there’s nothing new.

3.  Meeting Greg Lemond.  A childhood inspiration.  I was a total fanatic.  I regretfully told him that I use to daydream I was racing him while out riding my own bike.  I think I scared him.  He had some questions about my Garmin and it’s mounting location.  Garmin – if you read this (and I have no illusions you’ll see this blog – but just in case you do) send Greg a Garmin 500 with your new in front of stem mount.

3. Amazing to see 3000+ riders plow into the small town of Cambridge NY.  They pour their guts, blood, sweat and tears all over the roads of Battenkill River Valley.  There are people that have no business doing such things, yet they laugh at reality and go for it anyway.  Battenkill is a very unique race and route.  Every racing cyclist should compete here at least once.

2.  Connecting with a team.  I’ve always appreciated the camaraderie of teammates.  Some of my current teammates have been part of the Gypsy crew for 20+ years while some are barely out of high school.  Re-telling old stories just doesn’t get old and I enjoy passing on some knowledge, useful or not, to the newbies.  I had old pros teach me the ropes.  All they asked was that one day I pay it forward.

1.  Seeing and hearing about my closest friends, whom I’ve been riding with all winter, have successful Battenkill races.  So proud of them.

Top five things I didn’t like about my recent trip to Battenkill

5.  Riders thinking they are too cool.  It’s such a shame, think about it: we ride bicycles.  We aren’t defending our country and/or saving lives.  However, some people act and walk around like their poop doesn’t stink.  Get over yourselves.  Say hello to people and other riders.

4.  Going to work the very next day.

3.  Unpacking.  I really dislike unpacking.

2.  Being too busy and self-absorbed with my weekend to actually connect with my closest friends.  I barely made the time to find out how their races went.  Good thing is that my friends are awesome and I’ll be hearing about their races all week/weekend.  I’m looking forward to hearing their full stories.

1.  Time away from home.  As much as I love riding my bike and it’s travels.  It has become tougher for me to be away from my girl and two dogs.