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Assembling with Missing Pieces

I’m tackling the 2012 cyclocross season missing some pieces. Check out the photo below. Can you spot what I’m talking about? (It’s not my mental “marbles”…well maybe it is!)

Above photo memory happily purchased from Cycling Captured.

Did you catch it? No? Click here for another clue (look at the drivetrains).

Still don’t see it? No worries.  I’ll share it with you:  I converted my trusty Cannondale SuperX into a single speed.  How?  I used a Beer Components EBB30, SRAM Red GXP Crankset, SRAM Single Speed Levers and tubeless wheels by Stan’s NoTubes. Cockpit was compliments of Zipp Service Course (non SL). *More bike stats at bottom.

Why? What’s the big deal? Riding the singlespeed is silly fun and I thrive on new challenges.  *It’s also because I’m part of a crew assembling something for 2013.

My next singlespeed adventure will likely be THE IRON CROSS.

*Credit to Johnny Walrod (who now lives in Portland, OR) for introducing me to SSCX back in 2004. I’ve been a fan ever since and had DreesensBicycles build me a sweet rig soon after.
*I ran Schwalbe Sammy Slicks with slightly higher than my norm tire pressure’s at 30 psi rear and 28 front. Nittany CX weekend conditions were bone dry and fast so the higher pressure was required. I currently weigh 165lbs. Bike weight as pictured: 16.03lbs.
*Saturday gear 42×16 and it felt too big. Got bogged in the tight stuff. Sunday gearing 42×18, perfect for the course, my current fitness and weather conditions.
*Announcement about my reference to 2013 in a future post.