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2012 Trans-Sylvania Epic Recap

I’ve been thinking about how to best describe the awesomeness of the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  It’s quite simple: Mike and Ray (the promoters) really have a gem and genuinely care about the race and the riders.  If you love the challenge of Mountain Biking than put the TSE on your bucket list of races.  It’s a great blend of technical east coast rocks, fun flow and demanding climbs (and descents).  Truly an east coast MTB delight.  Not for the meek.  You’ll meet great like minded people too.

Photog superman Abe Landes puts together a slide show each and every night.  An amazing task considering the timing and quality of work involved.  I believe his videos best reflect the race and community of the TSE.  Only four of the seven videos are currently posted on Abe’s YouTube page but I think you’ll get it.  I believe in y’all.

Enjoy.  I have and still do.

* A competitor from Colorado brought his family.  His 12 year old boy participated in the “experience” category.  The boy was very impressive, several men and women were not able to finish the event and yet this 12 year old was able.  You’ll see him in the slideshows.

* Equipment choices: Cannondale Scalpel 29er for all but one stage (rode the Cannondale Ultimate hardtail on the Coburn stage and really missed the Scalpel).  The Scalpel 29er is magic.

Stan’s NoTubes Arch wheelset.  NOT ONE FLAT IN SEVEN DAYS.

Tires: Schwalbe Racing Ralphs/SnakeSkin (fast all-arounder) for first three stages Cannondale WTB protype rear tire for Raystown (cool feel and drift abilities) and Continental Mountain King for the remaining three stages (great hook up in the loam and rocks).


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