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What do you mean this is silly?

Michaux Maximus Rad VS Bad

RAD: Challenging course with a taste of everything east coast mountain biking has to offer.

RAD: Perfect weather

RAD: Great atmosphere complete w/ camping, food and picturesque layout.

RAD: Hanging with my buddies.

BAD: I’m old so us “vet” guys get staged and released almost two minutes behind “seniors.”  Kinda weird but no worries.

BAD: Miss turn. Go down big hill. Figured it out, turn around and climb.

BAD: Catching back onto the leaders I flat.  Odd piece of metal went directly into the crown of my tire and it split like a butterfly cut.

BAD: My spare tube is a 26″.  I’m riding a 29″ Doh!

RAD: Topher saves the day and gives me his spare tube.

RAD: I’m back in action, rolling well, enjoying the trails and re-catching many that passed me.

BAD: Flat #2.  Totally my fault, pinch flat on a steep rocky decent.

BAD: I start walking, many re-pass me.

RAD: Topher rolls by again and slows down.  I immediately tell him to keep going.  There was no way was I going to take his last tube.   Topher is the type of guy that would have given me his last tube (risking his own race).  He’s good people.

BAD: Some time goes by, I’m still walking and nobody has a tube to lend me.  No worries and I don’t blame them.  They are racing too.  It’s my own fault I’m in this position anyway.

RAD: Charles K. rolls by and without hesitation gives me his back up tube.  Class move #2 of the day.  I owe Topher and Charles K. big time.

RAD: I’m back in action and no more issues.

RAD: Finish time was 4:14? but my Garmin GPS says I averaged 10 mph for 38.9 miles and finished in 3:52

RAD: Race loop was actually 37.9 miles.  So I got in an extra mile?

BAD: According to Strava I lost two minutes with my wrong turn.

BAD: Flat changing time was 19 minutes (again according to my Garmin).

RAD: I earn third place in the Vet class.

RAD: Vegan Rob crushed it and took the W in the Vet class.  Another good dude.

RAD: Don’t know who won the “senior” class but his finish time was 3:46?  Excellent ride!

RAD: My buddies: Wild West, Misk, Mascelli and Dragon finish up with respectable times and a big grins.

RAD: Great riding to anyone and everyone that finished the Maximus.  That was some serious technical stuff!

RAD: There were doggies everywhere!  Love doggies.

RAD count: 17

BAD count: 9

RAD wins!


  fatmarc wrote @

sweet. nice ride…


  charles kline wrote @

Nice! Rad wins again!

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