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Cadence Cycling Foundation (pic) Donation Update

Dear Ciclismo (Edit – This is for ALL those that donated)

Cadence Cycling Foundation’s (CCF) goal is to utilize cycling as a mechanism to connect with underserved youth ages 9 – 18 and help them improve their health and well-being, improve school performance, and develop positive life skills.  We could not accomplish our mission without the support of local organizations and clubs like Ciclismo.

Thanks to your CCF Donation Drive at the Liberty Crit  we collect over 80 jerseys, 55 bib shorts, and TONS of other gear.  See the mound of donations in the attached picture! CCF is able to fulfill our mission with the assistance of the local cycling community, and your race and club demonstrated what an awesome community we have!

Thank you again for helping the next generation of cyclist ride, race, and educate their way to a better future.

Victoria Hanks
Program Director
Cadence Cycling Foundation

Team Member Dan Lavelle was the coordinator for the donations.  Well done Dan!


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