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I’m back (without my back) with Pics and Videos

Back from Portland, OR.  Think this was my fifth time?  Amazing how that place has changed.  It’s really developing.  There is a substantial neighborhood revival in just about every part of town.  There are many new restaurants and businesses.  Even with all of the “progress” Portland still seems to maintain it’s counter-cultural roots.

Every 2-3 years I visit one of my best friends John Walrod.  It just so happens he was getting married so it made the obligatory trip even more worthwhile.  Walrod and all of his friends (including his new bride) are a barrel of laughs.

This is typical Portland.  Person below was NOT drunk.  He’s our good friend Ryan Weaver.  Four dudes in the cab of an 1987 Chevy 1500 cab is awkwardly tight, Weaver volunteers himself to go in the truck bed.  Never thought a wood pallet could make a picture more profound.

Did some more amazing Mountain Biking this past week too.  Was lucky enough to stay with Matt Slaven, his awesome wife and accomplished cyclist Dani along with their baby Zoe.  Zoe is the happiest baby ever!

Ever try riding with someone that regularly pulls stuff (at warp speed) like this? Click on pic for video:

Ride 1: Matt and Walrod take me to the Sandy Ridge trails.  Non-existent only 6 months ago these new trails are reminiscent to the east coast.  Modest in rocks and roots compared to back east but way longer climb, waay faster, waaay more berms, waaaay more jumping and waaaaay more fun.  Way!  Here’s the map:

Ride 2: Matt and I are out on the “minorities only” ride.  Cat 1 climb, picked about $100 worth of Morel Mushrooms (which we ate for breakfast the next day). Cruised some fantastic singletrack and the last downhill (Oak Ridge Trail) was like a slamdance.  This was the short loop. Map:

Mt Hood is behind the clouds.  My back is tweaked!

This is how we roll:

Ride 3 was an easy spin out to Forest Park.  Map:  I wrecked my back, starting at Lake Placid a few weeks back, and it finally gave out on Ride 2.  Totally worth it!

Some of you know that I really like the band Red Fang.  First off, I met the drummer at New Seasons on Thursday.  When I approached him I don’t know who was more surprised?!  I was definitely more stoked.  Well, they did a bonus (they just came back from Europe and leave for a continental tour) concert Sunday night, Walrod and our buddy Jake and myself went.  It rocked.  If you haven’t seen the videos yet click on the next two pics below:



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That’s a sweet van too!

  zwiza wrote @

dude, you met red fang! fucking a!

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