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Lost River Barn aka Raw Talent Ranch

Went to Mathias, West Virginia with the Philly Ciclismo gang.  Honestly was one of the best riding weekends/training camps I’ve ever experienced.

Here’s the Garmin map for Friday and Saturday’s riding:

Lost River Barn is run by Jay Moglia and his partner Audrey.  Jay, Audrey and their two dogs (Pony and Gary) greeted us with cookies, smiles and enthusiasm.  Jay and Audrey actually live nearby and rent out the “ranch” for training camps/vacations.  Jay is available to lead rides and also provide plenty of route maps and downloadable rides via his Garmin page.

Here’s a great article on Jay.  He has a great story:

Lost River Barn Website:

Raw Talent Ranch of Facebook:

CAAD 9 & CAAD10 by Matt Harris

Equipment: Rode the Cannondale CAAD9 with Stan’s NoTubes Alpha Comp road wheels.  Tubeless set up with Hutchinson Fusion 3’s. Ran 75 psi in front and rear.  Amazing tire, wheel and bike setup for the dirt roads.  CAAD9 easily bests (in every way) some very expensive carbon bikes I’ve ridden.   Also put on a 50×34 compact set up with a 11×25 cassette for the the 5-9 mile climbs.   Ate lots of Jay and Audrey’s Raw Talent Ranch energy bars, cookies and Nutella Wraps.  All of these were hand made.

Go here people.  It’s good stuff.

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