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What do you mean this is silly?

Spring Mountain Cyclocross (SMCX) favorite photo

Running around fixing course tape, doing the prologue gate and taking photos isn’t great for, well, taking photos.  I lucked out with some snaps of bunny hopping barriers and dives into the sand but this one was my favorite.

Father and Child Bike Racing the Crossasaurus Kids Race.  So cool.

SMCX albums are on Facebook.



  diane wrote @

it’s a little DUDE !!!

  geronimok wrote @

Diane – I could be wrong. Apologies to the family if I am. I’ll post the pic from the front.

  diane wrote @

He was the lil guy that RIPPED the Granouge Kids race, We were talking to his Dad, they came from New York so they could race his new 14 speed !!!! (he’s 7 years old !)

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