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Pump Track Update

Apologies for the delay.  I did attend the New Hanover Township Recreation Board meeting June 2nd.  I presented the idea and they ate it up!

Since the spot is already dedicated for BMX they told me it was no problem and that they would LOVE to have someone/group of people maintain the space.  I was even asked if I had interest in the few acres set up as a Frisbee golf course, which is adjacent to the track.  It’s rarely used and getting overgrown.  Can you say, “trail options??”

Realizing the amount of work I am getting into I need to make sure I have enough support for the project.  Bottom line: if this is going to happen I want to do it right!  I told them I would be back for the August meeting to present an updated proposal.

Prior to the meeting I downloaded a great Pump Track build manual and resource from Pump Track Nation.  Lots of good stuff on the website and the manual was worth the small fee.

Things I need to do:

1. Visit Chambersburg Pump Track for reconnaissance riding.

2. Visit Alexandria Pump Track for reconnaissance riding

3.  Talk to whomever I can (probably people that created and maintain Chambersburg and Alexandria) for insights and track or trail building tips.

4. Take down names of people that can help with: Labor/Bobcat/Topsoil/Labor/Water/Labor and more Labor.

5. Decide if this is all feasible.

If this goes forward, and I hope it does, time line for completion will be next Summer (May or June 2011).  This doesn’t mean that some digging or designing can’t or won’t begin this year.  I can then build a website dedicated for the Pump Track, recruit help from the Cub & Boy Scouts, have the township mail out track building days to the community and etc…

Let me know if you would like to join me on the recon missions.  No dates set just yet, but would like to coordinate asap. Some good people have already offered shovel time.  If would like to join us to provide labor, education or the other items mentioned please email me at

Get out there.



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