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What do you mean this is silly?

Pump Track coming to Gilbertsville?

The New Hanover Township Park (mile from my house) has a little BMX track.

It’s barely used and growing in.  I met with the Township Manager today to see if there would be interest in reviving it and making it more dynamic.  When I say “dynamic” I am of course am thinking about a pump track. Definately would have to keep it on the lighter side.

Man…I would be sooooo stoked if it get’s done , I roll over there and I see a five year old riding on it with a huge grin and a proud mom/dad watching.

I was asked to present the idea at the next council/board meeting!  It’s June 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Fingers crossed.



  scott wrote @

that would be cool for a kid to have.
i had a vacant lot down the road growing up with some sweet jumps! I could get like 3feet of air.

  Gabe wrote @

Great project!

Both my kids and their friends have ridden that track and would enjoy it even more. If you’d like extra support at the meeting, let me know. Sharon helps the activity counsil and we know some of the members maybe that helps?

Working on an MTB trail in the back yard, when that’s done we could lend a hand trail building too.

  geronimok wrote @

I will definitely help you work on your personal trails! If Sharon has any insider info/tips I would greatly appreciate it. Let’s talk soon and thank you.

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