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What do you mean this is silly?

Murphy’s Law, Orion and Relay MTB Racing.

Charlie Horse has borrowed a junker singlespeed mtb from me.  He just loves biking and wanted to give it a go.  Two days later he’s racing it in the M.A.S.S. relay in Marysville.  Poor kid breaks his collarbone on the first lap.  This is the third crash he’s had in three months!  Most would throw in the towel, not Charlie Horse.  It’s like he says, ” F— YOU GROUND!!!  I’LL HIT YOU WITH MY FACE AND COME BACK FOR MORE!”

Charlie had surgery today.  New recipient of some screws and a titanium plate for that collarbone.  He’ll be back in three weeks raring to go. “BRING IT ON PAVEMENT!”

Ironically Charlie wore this shirt the day of the race and two days prior we were talking about Murphy’s Law (not the awesome band):

Heal up buddy!

My team “Orion” (Greek God of Hunting and rocking Metallica Song) did the most laps in the shortest time = win?  Nope, factor in some Easter Eggs (seriously), a handicap scoring system and some other stuff and we finished fourth.  Our main goal was to have a good time, rip some singletrack and enjoy the weather.  We did all that and more.  Choice.

Here was the Orion Relay Team:

Aaron “A-Ron” Snyder

Bryon “Cannon” Kremer

Some jerk named after an Indian warrior.

Jasen “Thumpem” Thorpe


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