geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

A post that has nothing to do with bicycles?

However; it does have something to do about two wheels.

After watching a replay of this years Isle of Man TT the latest round of Speedway GP came on.  It is similar to flat track racing, which is very popular here in the U.S.  Sidenote:  7X Grand National Champion and CURRENT world land speed record holder lives in Oley, PA.  My coworker coaches Carrs boys in little league.

Speedway reminds me of Velodrome racing and Short Track Speed Skating.  No Brakes, One Gear, Four Laps, Points awarded first through third place, multiple heats, points advance.  I was sucked in and watched the entire event.  It was good fun!

Well, here’s abicycle bit:  I need to stop buying bike stuff so I can once again buy moto stuff.

Videos of Isle of Man TT and Speedway are on the VodPod.  Check out the 2007 Isle of Man Vid.  It was the first video I put on there.




  kevin wrote @

i’m recruiting race queens with umbrellas to start us at crits in 2010…you want in?

  geronimok wrote @

Yes, beautiful women in tight clothes are always welcome at the races. Wait a minute…are you saying I’m a queen!

  saysana wrote @

hot chicks and dudes popping a tent while wearing lycra….now that’s a sight!

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