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What do you mean this is silly?

BEACON Cyclocross Video w/Bummer

BEACON Cross is such a fun course.  I had a second row start (rare) but never capitalized.  Each minute of that hour was more painful than usual.  I should have known.  I wasn’t feeling right all week and yesterday’s effort pushed me over the edge.  Instead of getting the Cannondale ready for another day of cross racing I’m typing this post.  Such is life.

The good news: I was able to download, edit, edit, edit and post a video of the BEACON race.  It’s on the VodPod.

The bummer:  Today is my friends Mandy and Johnny’s wedding reception at the race. I more sad to miss this than the actual race.

So from a laptop in my house: “A toast to ya!!!”

Wait a minute.  I think I missed the Bachelor Party?!

Bachelor Party Blues

Or maybe I didn’t?  My head reallllly hurts right now.



  Cyclocross Magazine wrote @

Thanks for the link. Awesome video – we posted on our site. Def. embed it at – it’s great.

  geronimok wrote @

Not sure how you got the link but I’m glad you like it. Feeling privileged to have it posted on your website.
Your Magazine is great. I remember getting the inaugural copy of CX mag at this race a few years back.
Keep up the good work. Cheers all around!

  jim schofield wrote @

hi LOVED you vid of the BEACON Cyclocross race. 2 thumbs up. just a quick question what are those 2 songs you used they were perfect fit for the vid and i would love to put them in my ipod. thank you

  geronimok wrote @

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the vid.
The music is:
Atom Bomb by Fluke
Park Avenue by Girls Against Boys

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