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What do you mean this is silly?

Dreesens Single Speed Cyclocross Bike.

Dreesens Single Speed Cyclocross Bike

Five years I’ve been thinking about this bike.  Three years ago I started talking with Pete Dreesens about it.  Three months ago we finally sat down, went over the details, he ordered specific tubing and lugs based on my requested ride qualities and geometry preferences.  I debated over frame and sticker colors (thank you Jill for your patience) for weeks.  Parts were ordered and voila.  I finally finished the build last night.

Rad man…Rad.

If you are interested in Peter Dreesens go here:



  Tim Q wrote @

Dude…that rig is awesome! Steel is real!

Say hi to peter for me.


  brdfrd wrote @

I’m curious, what’s the geometry?

  geronimok wrote @

We’d have to ask Dreesens for all the specific details like BB height, wheelbase and etc. I did go with his suggestion of 72 head and 73 seat angles based on his knowledge of cross bikes and the fork I was getting. Peter then chose a mix of tubing and lugs to make sure there was decent clearance, stiffness and suppleness.

  GenghisKhan wrote @

Yet to get crazy enough to go cross, but that is one sweet looking bike! Gotta be fun to have it after waiting for so long!

Question: what is the thinking behind the extended seat tube? Related, did you lop off the seat post to only a few inches?

  geronimok wrote @

I had a TT bike that Dreesens built for former National Champ and Olympic Team Alternate Tim Quigley. It had an extended seat tube and lopped post. Dreesens also built some sweet pursuit bikes, all with extended seat tubes. He’s been doing it since the 80’s. I asked if it’d be doable for this build and he said no problem. He measured up my seat height and made tube length suggestions because of the seatpost I had in mind and voila. The Thomson post is cut and only four inches long. This must be done since Dreesens put in a stainless steel cable guide inside the seat tube. Thus minimizing contamination from mud/water getting in the frame. I have no idea how he soldered the thing in there, the dude is genius.
Oh yeah, take notice to the extended head tube as well, minimizing the need for ugly spacers.

  GenghisKhan wrote @

Yet more great attention to detail–do enjoy and thanks for the info!

  Jake wrote @

Sweet bike. Two thoughts though.

First thing. Too bad you wasted such a sweet frame for a single speed cross bike.

Second thing. Speaking of wasting, how bout cutting a nice Thompson seat post fo four inches of a seat post.

All kidding aside, really nice bike man.

Your jealous friend,

  Saysana wrote @


Stop being so selfish and treat Jill to a little something..something.

no pun intended.

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