geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

Course de Coeurs

Since I had to stay home for work and miss out on Joe Martin I could race Course de Coeurs today.  I am perplexed as to why there was only 20 riders in our race.  Monies went to a good cause, there wasn’t much of anything else going on…weird.

All around cool guy Mark Walters and some of his Canadian friends were there.  His 17 year old prodigy won. Main Line Cycling does a nice job promoting younger riders and they are involved with Mazur Coaching.

Here are some important, in my mind, facts:

1. The porto john had FOUR rolls of TP.  I’ve never seen that before and I’ve seen a lot of things in a porto pot.


There was an awesome BBQ on the course today, I randomly smelled bacon out there too.  Sensing God’s devine intervention I drove home, napped and then made this:


Breakfast in the afternoon is sooooo yummy.



  scott wrote @

at least you didnt post the picture you took of your poo in the porta john.

  Saysana wrote @

I need that toliet paper set-up in my bathroom

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