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What do you mean this is silly?

Plymouth Satellite SuperWagon

Few cars get me fired up.  This is one, saw it today when we got back to where we parked. Once of the coolest station wagons I’ve seen.  Wish I would’ve taken better pics.

Sweet Plymouth Satellite

plymouth satellite wagon



  Mike A. wrote @

That car is amazing. Right up there with the AMC Eagle SX4 and the Subaru Turbo Brat.

  geronimok wrote @

My brother had an AMC Eagle sx4 hatchback, it looked like the AMC Gremlin (my mom had an orange one growing up). He had TONS of problems with that Eagle. Turbo brat was sweet, loved the plastic bucket seats in the back. Ahhh, good times.

  tiki atomica wrote @

From 1980 till 2000 I was the lucky driver of a 1970 Plymouth Satellite convertible in the same color as this super-wagon with a white top and white interior. It was by far the finest vehicle I have ever owned.

I’m a wagon guy now so it is awesome to see the wagon version. Where exactly was this image taken?

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