geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

Where’s my bike?

Empire Sleds



  A.T. wrote @

The silver one with the white seat towards the right side of the picture?

  geronimok wrote @

Ha!!! That one is actually Minturn’s new team issue.

  8+2 wrote @

Its the red one…duh. Plus its got to be one of the two with the Ptap on it…right?

  geronimok wrote @

I do have a powertap but it’s at Saris for servicing. Just to clarify, “silver one with white seat” is the bike I’m referring to in my Minturn comment, as A.T. pointed out.

  Smolko wrote @

Is Barrows bike the one in the middle with the fizik saddle…since hes like 8ft tall?

  Saysana wrote @

it’s not even there, the little puerto rican kid took off with it down the street.

  Jake wrote @

yours is the third one in on the right. Garmin with Reynolds wheels. Sweet rides.

  8+2 wrote @

G – are those SwissStop yellow pads you’re rocking? If so how do you like them? Good on carbon and aluminum?

  geronimok wrote @

I didn’t plan on this post being like Where’s Waldo but it’s kinda fun! Nobody has guessed my bike correctly. Jake gave a clue: Garmin, but chose the wrong sled.
Saysna did call out Clayton “Big Show” Barrows bike. Dude has massive seatpost exposure.
8+2 – All my teammates were rocking the yellow swissStop on the carbon, especially for the Grants tomb race. They like em.

  tacodelli wrote @

A team time trial, so early in the season?

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