geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

It’s official…

I had two enjoyable years as a “Pro” with Rite Aid. A sincere thank you to the management for the opportunities.  Dreams were fulfilled.

Which leads too…

The economy is on a downturn and the UCI has rules which ignited a fierce domestic pro contract hunt.  With all the fallout I am very excited to be a part of Empire for 2009.

See ya out there.



  Ridin at 4:20™ wrote @

Yeah, but you’re still so-pro-geronimo. It just sounds too good. You’ll still kick some pro ass this year. Be nice to the lonely cat 2 schleps.

  geronimok wrote @

4:20 I appreciate the kind words! Thanks man.

  Ridin at 4:20™ wrote @

According to some, it’s rare that I give good words.

Be kind to us working stiffs. Oh wait, you work and you kick pro butt. Dam it.

  Dusty wrote @

PRO?! Good grief man, you were far too kind to invite me on the T-Day ride, but at least I’m no longer wondering why I was seeing spots by the end….

Best of luck with the new team and I’ll see your backside in November.

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