geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

I keep suggesting they move…

There are some strong riders and good friends that live in Pittsburgh.  P-Burgh IS a cool town but if you live there, and want to race a bike, you are stuck driving six hours one way every weekend to race.  This is commitment/love for the sport.

I keep suggesting they just move to Philly.  Philly is ALSO cool and a much easier commute to just about every race on the east compared to Pitt.

Here’s another reason NOT to live in Pittsburgh.

Well, they do have Danny Chew and the Dirty Dozen…




  steevo wrote @

260 dollar mortgage though.

  Gabe wrote @

Dedication for sure.
That air quality thing is creepy terrible. On NPR in PGH this weekend they were talking about how the pollutants are actually from Ohio and are blown in. Thanks Ohio.

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