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Willowdale and Derby Chronicle 12/13&14/2008

Saturday was my first venture down to the Willowdale ride.  There was a good turnout and it’s a very scenic route.  Great endurance day with some 25-30 minutes of paceline work.  I bonked in the last 30 minutes.  This is what I get for eating a small bowl of muesli with coffee for breakfast and then bring only water/no food on a four hour ride.  I did get a banana and some green tea in the last hour but it was not enough.

With my new house I have a variety of new ways to get up to the Derby, which is an important endurance day for me as a working stiff. I also ate some eggs and bacon in the morning; no bonking today!!!

Mueller joined me and we had a blast.  Lorraine met us at Norm’s; the usual apres Derby meeting place.   When we got home for there was some deluxe hoagie fixins’ that Jill prepared.  Nice

Lorraine and Mueller (who was a Running Back at a Division II school in Wisconsin) at Norm’s

Lorraine and Mueller at Norm's

Super Six’s = Kremer would be proud.

Super Six Deuce


Mini Hoagie



  jim wrote @

where is norm’s?

  geronimok wrote @

Norm’s is the Gas Station in Alburtis we usually stop for a warm-up.

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