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What do you mean this is silly?

Trexlertown Derby (some say Darby) Video

Helmet Cam is fun, yes I know I’m a geek.  Started from the turnaround and edited to 10 minutes.  Helmet Cam Waterproof Case began to Fog up.  Likely from the cold air and my hot head.  I think there were about 30 riders total which was whittled down cause of the crosswinds; which was out of the WNW 15-30 mph.  Most of the vid is heading due east.  Enjoy.



  Ridin at 4:20™ wrote @

Kasabian. Nice.

  Paul Pearson wrote @

Helmet Cam video is great. The wide angle and fog makes it dream like. Good choice of music.

  Joey wrote @

Widdled down to 4 people?? You guys are animals.

And you may be a geek with a helmet cam but at least the audio tracks are good ones.

  bigwillystyle wrote @

Nice video. Although geek isn’t the G word that comes to my mind. Why’d you let Wamsley punk you?

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