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What do you mean this is silly?

Elk Grove/Portland

Only in the world of bike racing can I go from the suburb of Chicago to Portland OR in two days.

Even with some sweet accommodations and fine cooking skills from our host Duke; Jake and I were only able to pull out two top 20’s at Elk Grove. We missed out on A LOT of money.

Time Trial – flat 4.5 miles with some 180’s for good measure. I think I was the only guy with no aero equipment barring a skinsuit. Nada. I did manage to beat some guys but I think they either crashed, had a mechanical or just plain soft pedaled. I actually felt pretty good and the goal was to break 10 minutes: mission accomplished.

Road Race – started at the Elk Grove minor league baseball team and then did 10 (but we did 11) circuits in Schaumberg IL and then transition back over to Elk Grove for four circuits of the TT course. Got that? I actually liked the course, it was essentially a big flowing crit. The race was blazing fast and I attacked and covered like a possessed fool. Pretty dumb considering it was only two of us representing the team. Making matters worse I broke a rear spoke and needed a wheel change. This was made even more daunting by the fact that there was NO caravan. Sram hooked this brother up and got me back in but I blew some bullets doing so. As I get back there’s a group up the road and the counter happens. Jake makes it in but I’m stuck doing paceline with Hamilton, Vogels, Mead, Rice, etc… for the next 40+ miles. Ughhh, probably wouldn’t been easier to be in the front group.

Crit – Course is a 1.5 mile shorter version of the TT course with a tighter 180 first turn. Break goes on lap 2 and sticks till 2 to go! Toyota chases all day with the help of Matt Wilson and Jake (goes he wanted the training and it was actually easier for him to rotate than sprint like Nelson Vails out of every corner). I sit and and conserve as best as possible which actually wasn’t that easy. Why? being too far back meant big ole rubber band effect and sprinting a lot more than necessary. Do the math 40 laps + 5 corners = 200 sprint. The whole day the “peloton” had their full teams lined in some array of this order: 1. Toyota, 2. Kelly Benefits 3. Jelly Belly, 4. RACE Pro 5. Rock 6. random Jittery/Inferno/Bissell/us fighting for wheels. Heck even Holloway got more freedom to surf the trains. Dan is a good rider but when you got a Garmin jersey on people pay way more respect. Sooooo, last lap and I’m sitting 10th or so and we hit 500 meters I get out of the saddle and double leg cramp. I sit back down and just keep pedaling; five guys pass me. Oh well.

The REAL news is that I’m now in Portland Oregon at my good friends John and Marjon Walrods. I love this place. I really really need to move here.

I hope to have some good pics uploaded over the next couple of days. Thanks for reading y’all.


ps- Pic is of the super VIP “tent” at across from Elk Grove finish line.


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