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What do you mean this is silly?

New England Racing

Drove up to Providence RI on Friday and met the the team there. Did some sweet riding south of town in West Warwick, sorry I didn’t get any pics!

The Race Saturday went pretty good but I’m still kinda mad. Why? Bill and I were in a break of 12 riders and as the race was coming back together three guys (Walmsley – Colavita, Peltonen – Bissell, and Johnson – Empire) get up the road. What do I do but hesitate…ughh. I hate when I do that!!

Stayed at my teammate “King Robbie’s” Saturday night and did a very nice ride in the A.M. through Exeter. Exeter is one of those picturesque New England Small Towns. Got to chill with Zwiza, Peltonen, TedEdward and England from Bissell briefly too. Cool.

Sunday was the same at Newton MA. Clayton is doing a monster ride and is up the road (he takes a fine 2nd place to Walmsley) and I saw three riders making an attempt to bridge and hesitated. WHAT AM I DOING! I did get into a promising move with Bill, again, along with Milne and Anthony from Type 1 and Guptill – Colavita but we get caught by the field with a few laps to go. I just ended up covering and keeping things up-tempo to possibly set up Robbie or Richard for the in a thunderstorm shortened finale.

There still water in my frame that I can’t get out.

I hope my teammates kick some butt up at Fitchburg this week as I purposely asked to not be on the roster this year. I missed out on Iron Hill last year and I really want to do well there this Saturday.


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