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What do you mean this is silly?

Giro di Jersey

Raced in the Giro di Jersey this past weekend.  I can honestly say it’s very gratifying to race for my teammates, especially when they win!!  Guido takes the Road Race (hence the pic) and Gengster takes the Circuit.  

Guido was second on G.C. too.  We really tried to get him in the pink but a group of ten riders sneaked off after the first time bonus spring, where we had to do the full lead out for two laps in order to bring an early break back.  Erdelyi and Gengster responded though and monitored the counter while Groundhog and Elliston (video coming soon) chased to limit the time gap.  

Empire raced well and snuck away with the G.C.  CCB Elite was there and probably prepping for Fitchburg.  They always seem to have a good Fitchburg and rode strong this weekend too.  

Worked on the house all day, tired now.  See y’all soon. 

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