geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?

B. Lea

My teammate is a stud.  This should put him on the squad for Beijing.  BTW I believe 3:17 was done Eddy Mercx style and was not a “mass start”.  



  TQ wrote @

That is impressive. It is done on a points race bike, flying start. The catch is they have to do the first 500m in under 30.67 seconds and the entire 3k in less than 3:22.42. To put this in perspective, if you maintain the 30.67 pace the whole way, you would do the 3k in 3:04. It basically puts you over the edge and then tests how well you can settle in, recover and finish the ride out and is meant to simulate the physical skills needed to do well in a points race.

  THE ENFORCER wrote @

Zipp wheels, huh. Yup, I believe that’s gonna be a fine.

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