geronimo k

What do you mean this is silly?


Yes it was hot.  Fired some bullets early in attempt to get in the early break.  Our plan was to get someone in there and save Clayton, Robbie, and Jake for the finale.  We aren’t a powerhouse team and we don’t have a consistent deal closer at the moment so our plan was to get PR and ride the break and it worked; Geng Bang made the move.  Cool.

Funny notes:

I was in a group of 15 riders about 30 some odd miles into the race and I thought we’d be gone.  Being the sole rep from my team it was apparent right away I’d be “sitting on.”  As Mike Sayers is rolling back from his pull I blurt out, “sorry Mike, I was told to sit on.”  Mike’s response was awesome and accurate, “dude, I didn’t even say anything to you.”  I had to laugh at myself!  The break was less than 5 minutes old and I already felt guilty for not pulling and was defending my position for no reason.  Dang I’m dumb sometimes…

Going into Manayunk for lap 8 up the wall I dragged Jake to the front so he’d have a good start spot on the climb.  I brushed into a rider and he got kinda agro and then rolled back past me saying, “WAS THAT WORTH IT?”  I immediately thought of two things: 1. Yeah it was; cause if Jake makes the split then I did my job.  2. Man, I only brushed your elbow, relax.

It’s amazing to me how some dudes, legitimately good racers too, get bent out of shape when someone touches them.  Dang, this is a bike race; not a coffee shop ride.  I  truly appreciate that 99% of these guys make bike racing their living.  This is why I would never jeopardize someone by riding in a way that is beyond my bike handling abilities – it’s just not worth it.  However; this also means I’m not gonna just give you a wheel because you are “so and so.”

Similar story: Late in the race on Thursday I was a bit dizzy and taking a swig from my bottle.  As I was putting it back it slipped from my hand and fell down.  Another somewhat “famous” guy says: YO, THROW THAT THING AWAY!  No kidding, like I did that on purpose.  Give a brother some credit. Jeez…

Geng Bangs girlfriend is a soigneur for High Road.  She told me that they went through 160 bottles today!

Sebastian Haedo was going down the decent from Manayunk when his fork completely separated at the head tube.  Awful.

Many teams had neat tricks to stay hydrated or cool: ice cubes in surgical gloves/plastic baggies that were then put under the jersey/behind the neck, cooling vests at the start and sponges with ice water were ones that caught my eye.

Thank you thank you and thank you!  To all my friends, family and loved ones that cheered me on!  I really appreciate it and your words are true encouragement.

Time for bed, gotta work tomorrow.


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